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Here's how to recycle a sex toy.

Sex toys create a real issue when they are discarded. Have you heard of e-waste? It's the fastest growing waste stream globally, and vibrators are contributing hugely.

Let's be real: how bad is it?
We're talking a 21% growth between 2014-2019 at 53.6 million metric tonnes was generated.¹ There's no way of estimating how many vibrators specifically end up being discarded, but being aware is enough.

At rosewell, we work hard to ensure your vibe lasts years, and we don't stop there. It's our mission to stop all vibes entering landfill while making it easy for you to recycle a sex toy (for free).

Want to help fund this program? Consider buying a vibe!

Request a shipping label via the below form or email us.

Package your old vibrator in a paper bag/box.

Drop off at your Hubbed or AusPost location.

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