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Our approach

Here's what we currently do, and what our long-term sustainability goals are.


Since our inception in 2019, we've maintained a balanced position around customer experience and sustainability. We believe we've achieved a level of surprise and delight when unboxing rosewell without unnecessary packaging, inserts and waste.

We're a plastic-free brand.
Did you know only 9% of plastic is actually recycled? The remaining 91% is almost always sent to landfills or dumped in our oceans. Plastic has never been considered in our packaging, products, marketing materials, transport or logistics. It just isn't used. We also don't partner with brands that use unnecessary plastic.

Packaging is recycled and recyclable.
We don't use virgin packaging materials. It's either recycled, post-consumer goods or FSC-certified. Our branding is limited on rosewell vibe boxes to encourage reuse and all packaging is recyclable.

Products are sustainably-focused.
We don't think there's a need to produce products that aren't multifunctional and guarenteed to last. Our vibes have a two-year warranty and we offer a recycling program. Our card decks are small size to reduce paper waste and exclusively use FSC-paper. All Oil products are produced locally, create zero waste, and are in glass bottles with a easy-to-remove paper label. Our wipes are OEKO-TEK certified and biodegradable. Our Pinch products are able to be cleaned and re-purposed.

Post-life responsibility.
It is our responsibility to not only offer our customers the most sustainable products available, but take accountability for their end of life. We've set the bar for our industry by offering a program that expands beyond rosewell products to ensure no vibrator ever enters landfills again.

Zero-waste is the goal.
We always strive for zero waste. Although we're a brand, and we're making products, we aim to minimise waste in every area possible. We’ve implemented a zero waste approach across our business operations, from our office to our warehouse.

We aim to educate and inspire.
There's value in education, and believe our content across sex toy sustainabilty can start deeper conversations around the difficulty in disposing of them safely.

We're aspiring to do more.
As a small (and young!) business, we're incredibly proud of the progress we've made and the standard we've set. However, we know there's always more we can do. We warmly welcome regular feedback from professionals, industry experts and customers on how we can do even better. Have an idea? Email alisha(@) for an open conversation.


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