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Guiding Philosophy

Our transparent approach to everything we do.


Our guiding philosophy is simple.

The sexual wellness industry is fast expanding with a focus on de-stigmatising what has been, until very recently, an untouched industry.

For many, this change has empowered people to feel more comfortable exploring relationships, intimacy and sex without the associated shame. That's amazing, right?

Our journey with creating rosewell has always been human-first. And with that, comes a commitment to you. Relationships are complex, including the ones with ourselves and our bodies. Armed with education, products that work and the removal of hypersexualised graphics, we're leading a new way of sex care.

It means putting vulnerability at the forefront. It means taking accountability for our environmental impact. It means proactively listening to our community to only create what’s needed. It means relinquishing bad ideas of gender and sexuality. It means creating sex care products that feel more health conscious.

If this speaks to you, we warmly welcome you to rosewell.

For us, we want to address the issues not only in our industry, but how its impacting people. Instead of telling you how to look or behave in order to have sex, we’re here to listen. Sex is innately human, so we need to treat it as such and embrace all the intricacies of actually being a human.

You can experience rosewell online (here) and throughout our Flagship store, With Care in Melbourne.

  • Additionally, we publish a journal brimming with culture, health and relationship-focused content.
  • We gift $5k of products to customers, each year, before influencers.
  • We use inclusive language, avoid photos of bodies and hold ourselves accountable for responsible messaging.
  • We're 100% vegan, plastic-free, fully circular and we only use recycled/recyclable packaging.
  • Our products are made in ethical, audited factories both within Australia and overseas.
  • We’re part of 1% for the planet, meaning we’ve committed 1% of gross annual sales directly to environmental nonprofits.

And while we acknowledge we're not perfect – we're committed to constantly improving. The more we learn, the more we can grow. We’re here to listen, learn, take risks and hold ourselves accountable so we can be and do the best we can. We know what's at stake.

Have a thought on how we can better? We encourage feedback via email, text and even calls.

With love and care,
Alisha x


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