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Plunge Soak

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Softly scented bath salts to dissolve while you relax.

Geranium Scent

Post-intimacy soak

Increases circulation

MEET Plunge Soak

Key Features

Dissolve Plunge Soak into any warm bath. Packed with essential oils and the benefits of salt, Plunge can increase blood circulation, gentle detoxing, and the absorption of minerals.

Produced in Australia with locally sourced ingredients. Full list: Sodium Chloride, Purified Water, Alcohol, Geranium Oil (Flower/Stem extract) Vegetable Glycerin, Tertiary Butanol.

TIPS FOR Plunge Soak

How to Use Plunge Soak

Pour a small amount of bath salts into warm water. Wait for the salts to dissolve, or enter the water while the salts are still intact. The Geranium scent is designed to be relaxing while your body enjoys the benefits of salt.


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