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Should we really care about foreplay?

Should we really care about foreplay?

Nearly all romantic movies, every Netflix sex scene, all the suggest that foreplay is more than just a lead-in to sexual activity; it's a crucial element that can greatly enhance the overall experience. So, are there any practical benefits of foreplay?

It's about intimacy.
Foreplay serves as a bridge to deeper emotional connection and understanding. Choosing to engage in foreplay provides an opportunity for partner(s) to communicate their preferences and boundaries, fostering trust and mutual respect. There's emotional bonding when expressing desires and helps get people in alignment with what feels best.

Better relaxation and comfort.
Foreplay sets the stage for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. It can reduce pressure related to performance for a start. Foreplay allows anticipation to build, excitement to grow and overall enhance the experience.

Increase playfulness or novelty.
Foreplay encourages partners to explore and experiment. When things are more relaxed and comfortable, there's a better chance of trying new techniques and sharing fantasies. It can be light-hearted, playful and full of flirtation.

Increase arousal and sensation.
On a more biological level, foreplay can stimulate blood flow, activate erogenous zones and increase sensitivity. By taking the time to engage, people can become more mindful and present, intensifying the connection between physical sensations and emotional satisfaction.

There it is. Foreplay isn't just a preamble; it's can be a crucial aspect of a fulfilling sexual experience. By understanding and embracing the practical benefits of foreplay—enhanced intimacy, comfort, exploration, and heightened pleasure—individuals and people can cultivate a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual connection.


“Oh cities are a fire in my blood, and all their moods find lodgement in my breast alive.”

Claude McKay

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