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how to host a dinner party.

how to host a dinner party.

Time spent with friends, colleagues and family has never felt this special. As we begin to re-experience togetherness, here's how to host an intimate occasion.

All types of dinner parties⁠—intimate evenings, Friday pot locks, Sunday brunches⁠—are the time to enjoy full conversation, food and connection. With some preparation, a dinner party can be done beautifully, even spark a new business.

01 Menu + Drinks

Catering, shared plates, cooking or BYO serves—while food is the key element here, how you choose to serve is entirely up to you. Tackle a series of three pastas/sauces combinations to combine fresh food and easy cooking for the time-conscious host. With wine, the easiest place to start is seasonal. For cocktails, Mr Consistent is a great option. 

Our top picks: Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta, Penne Pesto, Garlic Chilli Pasta. 

02 Tableware

Linen isn't exclusive to formal dining. A crisp flaxseed linen tablecloth or napkins can elevate your setting. Combine simple linens with mixed or patterned crockery for a bright setting, or keep it neutral with warm tones paired with white.

Our top picks: Bedthreads Tablecloths and NapkinsIn The Roundhouse Plates

03 Guests

It's intimidating turning up solo to a dinner party. For those with eclectic groups, connecting a friend with another who might get along is generous. Think in advance of who would connect with who, and ensure you introduce them upon arrival with a point of similarity.

04 Conversation

Sitting down to eat is an intimate experience. Shared plates, passing the pepper, choosing the playlist—all moments for conversation. Encourage talking, from how you know each guest, asking questions of hometowns, hobbies and places is an easy place to start.

05 Soundtrack

There are usually two types of party hosts: the one who loves playing DJ all night, or the one who loves to pick a playlist and let it run.

Our top pick: we've created a set for the latter on Spotify.

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