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Why certain locations are appealing for sex

Why certain locations are appealing for sex

It is unsurprising that many choose to traverse beyond the bedroom to engage in sexual activity. Maybe the bedroom evokes a sense of banality and routine, or other locations just seem thrilling for the right occasions. Pursuing sex in unconventional locations breaks the boundaries of predictability and comfort, and incites spontaneity and thrill. For the longest time, the expression of intimacy and sexuality have been kept private. While a lot of the regulation around public sexual behaviour, such as kissing or hugging, is socio-culturally constructed, there are legitimate reasons for changing it up (safely, and without the potential of breaking the law, of course).  

There may be a generalisation that sex outside of the bedroom appeals the most to noncohabiting partners. However, some studies have shown us that the fantasy of having sex in different locations is common - especially outdoors, in a car, and at the beach. It is these locations where the environment could be somewhat controlled for exposure factors - making it a safe space. In the bid to explore sexuality and intimacy, the thrill of unconventional sex locations can be attributed to a few interesting factors. 

Changing the atmosphere could impact arousal states; bringing sexual activity into the public could be “empowering, freeing, and exciting” because it is different to the routine, according to sexologist Jessica O’Reilly. The physical differences in the space, such as fresh air, breeze, the feeling of sunshine, and new sounds could also contribute to a heightened sexual experience. The physical and environmental changes prompt neurophysiological responses, such as the elevation in the neurotransmitter dopamine, which can increase arousal. Of course, sometimes having sex outside of the bedroom also can allow for the exploration of kinks, such as exhibitionism and voyuerism.

Whatever the preferred location is, the appeal of the unconventionality is there. It is there because it is so human to explore sexuality, push comfort zones, and seek new experiences. 


“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.”

- Frank Borman

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