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How does sex toy recycling work?

How does sex toy recycling work?

Since 2020, we've been recycling sex toys. It's a complex and expensive process, but if any brand wants to try and be sustainable, taking responsibility for their waste seems like the bare minimum.

We go above and beyond though. This is why.

Sex toys create an issue when they are chucked out. Have you heard of e-waste? It's the fastest growing waste stream, and vibrators are contributing to it. There's no global standard or process for recycling these sex toys, which often contain batteries that leak into landfill.

Between 2014 and 2019 there was a 21% growth in this type of waste, with 53.6 million metric tonnes generated. While there's no way of estimating how many vibrators end up impacting the environment, but we know it's terrifying.

For us, we work hard to ensure your vibe lasts years and years. And yes, all battery products have a high risk of being defective, dying or being damaged, it's our mission to never let a rosewell vibe (or another brand) enter a landfill.

So, how does sex toy recycling work?

Each vibrator goes through a similiar process where the silicone is removed and ground down to be re-purposed.

The actual device inside is then separated into material categories and recycled or re-purposed (such as the electronics within).

How do we fund this? Ourselves.

It’s a significant investment, but one we’re passionate about. Choosing to purchase from rosewell means empowering us to keep going.

Explore more about our approach to sustainability via the link in our bio.


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